Professional Organizer

As a Professional Organizer I will teach you to get organized in your home, your cottage & your life!

My Organizer In Muskoka can show you simple, effective ways to seize control and conquer the clutter and paper overflow. Whether you have a chaotic basement, cluttered kitchen or unruly wardrobe, I will help you tame the chaos and keep it organized going forward.

I take a ‘hands on’ approach to getting you and your space organized. I can help with everything from the simple reorganization of a closet to assisting a family going through the contents of a lifetime home. Once unwanted items are removed, I set up customized systems to help you stay organized.

My Organizer in Muskoka has experience with hoarders, ADD, ADHD, OCD, CD (chronically disorganized), seniors, and seniors with dementia as well as whole families. I work closely with my clients and their support people, and am kind and non-judgemental in sensitive situations.

Start slowly or choose an inclusive de-clutter package – the choice is yours. I am a  whole home organizing specialists & I can’t wait to help YOU.

Contact me for an assessment!